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Celtic Æ Tetradrachms/Silver Obols, Imitative Issues of Greek Alexander the Great

Beginning about 300 BC, the Danubian Celtic tribes began to imitate the images of Philip and Alexander the Great coins (Zeus obverse and Horse reverse) but in their own particular style. 

Copper alloy; For reference, the coin the center of the photo is a whopping 31mm/18.1gm The silver obol seen top left is 17mm/2.0gm. The obol seen top right is either silver or silvered!

Obv/ Laur. bust of Zeus r. (Celtic-style) ;-)

Rev/ Horse prancing l. (big body, small head)

Condition after cleaning; aVF- VF+ for the type

Seller's Note/ Celtic images on coins are always delightful and these are real diamonds in the rough. Not for shoemakers! But if you have the cleaning skills and the patience, these seven Danubian Celtic issues will the gems in your collection. Our low price of only $95 for these seven coins is a real me.