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King Bela III of Hungary 'Crusader Era' Coins; two different issues

Struck ca. 1172-1196 AD Uncleaned with soft dirt.

Coin 1) Æ Scyphate Follis. Obv/  + SANCTA-MARIA; Madonna, nimbate, seated left, holding infant Jesus and flower. Rev/ R_EX BELA-R_EX STS; Kings seated facing. 28 mm/3.4gm. Ref/ Huszar 72. Con/ small ding @ 5 o'clock otherwise EF.

Coin 2) Æ Follis with Kuphic Characters. Obv/ Kuphic legend. Rev/ Kuphic legend. 23mm/1.3gm Con/ after cleaning; VF? These issues were apparently produced during the 3rd Crusade for use in the Muslim occupied Holy Lands, and thus struck with pseudo-Arabic script. Since literacy was already very low, especially for Europeans reading Arabic, the gibberish Arabic legend wasn't an issue. These coins were probably minted in the late 1180's during the Third Crusade.

Seller's Note/ Poor Bela III, he was between an anvil and a hammer. Crusaders on one side and Muslim's on the other, he had to really juggle to keep his kingdom intact!