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Avar Effigy Pendant, ca. 1st cent AD

Copper alloy; 29mm/4.9gm

Con/ sublime glossy green patina

Seller's Note/ Such anthropomorphic figurines are attributed to 1st century migratory/nomadic tribes (such as the Avars) located in Northern Ukraine/Southern Caucasus before their western incursion in the 6th century. Very little is known to historians concerning these early years, and most simply from grave goods.

The use or purpose of these figurines has no true consensus with academics: good-luck talisman, simple adornment, a ward against curses, a blessing token, nor whether the figure represents a god or a human man. One thing is clear, nearly all of them were meant to be worn (see the attachment loop on the reverse as seen in our photo and the one below) but where is also enigmatic; necklace or belt belt/strap adornment is unknown.

Such effigy artifacts are very rare outside Eastern Europe countries and most are only found in museums or University collections.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to add a such very rare early Avar (or other similar nomadic tribe) museum quality artifact to your collection.

FYI - at only $255.00, we probably have it way under priced. As such things were meant to be worn, Sheri has added a copper wire necklace loop for your convenience.

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