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Avar/Steppe Nomads "Adam and Eve" Pendant, c. 10th-14th Cent AD

Copper alloy; 40mm/6.1gm. Sand cast.

Con/ Museum quality, intact, dark brown patina, and wearable.

Description/ Eve left and Adam right, both facing; each covers the other's privates with their hands.

During this time, the nomadic tribes in Northen Ukraine (Avars) were becoming "Christianized" and began to wear pendents such as ours and would have been worn as a necklace by a either a husband or wife. 

Seller's Note/ This particular pendent is extremely rare, folks, trust me. You will never see another like it...and never at such a low price! In a well-advertised auction, this pendent would easily sell for $1,000+! We are not greedy and are happy to make it available to you for an affordable price. WEAR THIS PENDENT! Like rings, such things were meant to be worn.