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Antioch, Anonymous City Issue; Tyche, River God and Apollo, c. 4th Cent AD

Æ; 17mm/1.7gm, glossy black patina with sand fill

Obv/ GENIO ANTIOCHENI; Tyche of the Orontes seated on rock facing, stalks of grain r.; river god Orontes swimming below.

Rev/ APPOLLONI SANCTO; Apollo standing, head left, holding patera and lyre. Delta in r. field. SMA in exergue.

Ref/ Vagi 2994 var.

Seller's Note/ In the past, these anonymous issues have been attributed to Maximinus II, c. 312 AD. We have conferred with Rasiel Suarez concerning these issues and he believes that these were stuck under the auspices of Julian II, the Apostate. It was Julian, whom if you recall, after becoming emperor (361-363)  decided that Christianity was sapping the strength and vitality of the Empire and tried to steer the Romans back to pagan times and the worship of the old gods. He was very popular with the troops and common citizens, and had it not been for his death in battle against the Sassanid Empire, our world as we know it could be very different. Julian II, the last non-Christian Roman emperor is also noted striking the last pagan image on a Roman coin, the Egyptian "Apis Bull"  on the reverse of his highly collectable Æ 1 issues. Click here for an example. 

If Mr Suarez is correct in his assumption, this is the other last pagan image on a Roman coin. Either way, a scarce/rare coin for you to add to your collection for a very low price.

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