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\"Nail-cleaner\" Pendant, ca. 200-300 AD


"Nail-cleaner" Pendant, ca. 200-300 AD

Copper alloy, 41mm/7.7gm, glossy green patina, loop intact.

The difference in pendants and terminals is slight. Terminals are fitted at the end of a belt whereas the term 'pendant' is used for a similar device that might have been hung below a stretch of belt or a strap hanging from the belt - in other words not at the end of the belt. Pendants are common in equine harness but relatively rare on belts. "Nail-cleaner" pendants are dated to circa AD 200-300. It is not certain if they hung from the end of the belt as a terminal or hung from a hanger loop on the belt. Their ends are toothed (two or three) and  were used to clean dirt from nails (and undoubtedly for dozens of other tasks too).