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Gringgott\'s Bronze Disease Killer


Gringgott's Bronze Disease Killer

Do you have the Bronze Disease Blues? If you have a few excellent ancient coins or artifacts that are slowly succumbing to this pernicious malady, this is the cure that you need, right here and now! Wolf!

New and Improved, this BD cure-all is finally available in 8 oz. packets...enough to cure any number of BD-stricken coins or artifacts. Easy to follow instructions and guaranteed to work!

If your coin or artifact, new or old, looks like those as seen in the 'images tab' or just a few pebbles of BD, you need this product!

Caveat Emptor! This bronze disease killer is powerful! Any coin or artifact soaked in the solution will suffer loss of all patina. But, if you follow our instructions as noted below, you'll be fine.

The first thing to do is to pick out/remove manually as much of the BD as you can...until you can't see any more. After that you have two choices:

Direct Application or Full Soaking -

Direct Application -

  1. Mix a small paste of the BD Killer with DW and apply directly to the infected areas with a cotton swab, then place the object in a small plastic container for at least 48 hours, so that the paste dries slowly. Once dry, rinse off the paste and then bake the coin/artifact for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. Remove and let cool. Rince and examine under magnification to see if you can see any more of the BD green infection. If you see more, pick/brush/scrape again and repeat the above until all traces of the BD are gone. This can be a very tedious process and it will take weeks to months before fruition but it is certainly worth the effort. Bronze Disease Killer is powerful. The benefit of direct application to infected areas is that the patina of the non-diseased areas will not be degraded by a full soak.  

Full Soaking -

  1. The same as above, but this time mix just enough of the BD with DW to cover your coin or artifact and soak as per the instructions on the packet in a small covered plastic container. Look, pick, bake as noted above.

As BD Killer will remove any and all patina, we suggest that you begin with choice number one. Once you believe your coin or artifact has been finally cured, allow them to rest, uncovered/non-flipped somewhere warm and dry for a number of weeks/months, checking occasionally to insure the disease not return. If it does, repeat the instructions noted above. If not, feel free to flip them.

Seller's Note/ Bronze disease can be extremely pernicious. Any coin or artifcat that has been treated for BD should be occasionally viewed several times a year just to be sure that it hasn’t returned.

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