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Ring, Roman, \'Capture of Pegasus\', 4th-1st Cent. BC



The Capture of Pegasus by Bellerophon

Roman Republican era, 4th-1st Century BC!

Copper alloy; 4.8 gm, ring size 3 3/4 with dark green patina, slightly ovoid, as cast.

Con/ Superb and certainly wearable.

Back story - Pegasus aided the Greek hero Bellerophon in his fight against both the Chimera and the Amazons. There are varying tales as to how Bellerophon found Pegasus; the most common says that the hero was told by the seer Polyeidos to sleep in the temple of Athena, where the goddess visited him in the night and presented him with a golden bridle. The next morning, still clutching the bridle, he found Pegasus drinking at the Pierian spring and caught Pegasus, and eventually tamed him.

Seen in the intaglio in our ring, Pagasus stands with both wings spread, all hooves on the earth. The figure of Bellerophon before him, holding the magic golden bridle. Athena stands behind, rasing one arm.

This is an exquisite ring and you'll never see another quite like it, especially in such remarkable and sublime condition.

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