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Gringgott\'s Conservator\'s Mix


Chemist, Bruce Nesset, has done it again! He has created a supurb new coin cleaning product, one that we have named "Conservator's Mix".

Why Conservator's Mix? The answer is simple enough. After several months of intense experimentation, we have found that this mix is terrific for either short term or long term soaks. Just a bit stronger than GG's #1 and much more gentle than GG's #3, you'll be pleased to find your precious uncleaned coins turning out better than ever. As seen on the lable, you'll have to monitor the soaking time, inter-mixed with frequent brushings...but unlike GG's # 3, if you forget the coins in the soak for 24 hours or even more, little or no damage should occur: in this case, it's all about frequest brushings.

We suggest that you use this mix for very dirty/crusty coins, rather than coins that should be mechanically cleaned. Click the 'images' tab to view six very encrusted coins cleaned via the Conservator's Mix. Nice, huh? ;-)

Like all cleaning tools/products, you too will need to experiment with this mix until you understand how it works on ancient coins in certain conditions.

Available now in 8 ounce bags, and only from Noble Roman Coins!

Best regards,

Kevin and Sheri

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