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Brimstone Darkener – Restores aged look to copper coins


Noble Roman Coin's Brimstone Darkener – Restores aged look to copper coins

Sold in 1/4oz vials, this petroleum jelly-based product is our replacement for the now long gone, Deller's Darkener.

  • Tones and darkens copper rapidly
  • Does not damage coins
  • Safe and easy to use

Brimstone Darkener, created exclusively for Noble Roman Coins, is intended for use on over-cleaned, mistreated, or scratched copper coins by toning through darkening.

Before application, be sure that the coin is completely free of any grease or oil (including those from your fingers) and fully dry.

Application –

  • For fully cleaned/semi-cleaned coins, apply Brimstone to the coin’s surface with a Q-tip, a soft-bristled brass brush, paper towel or finger-tips. Allow to darken and wipe with surface with a paper towel.
  • For simple scratches, apply with a wooden tooth-pick. Allow to darken and wipe the surface with a paper towel.
  • Brimstone may take several applications, if necessary.

After Application –

  • Brimstone is a powerful product that contains Sulfur! It smells bad and can stain you fingers yellow. We highly suggest that after even minimal use, you wash your hands thoroughly with dish soap and a scrub brush.

Things to remember –

  1. Use Brimstone sparingly. A tiny amount goes a long way.
  2. Wipe surplus when tone of coin is just a shade lighter than you wish and allow to darken. It’s better to undertone than overtone.
  3. Practice on common coins until you figure out the process. Not every coin will respond in the same manner.
  4. Keep your fingers off the coin surfaces as much as possible and handle by the edges. Remember, even the tiniest amount of natural finger oils will disrupt the darkening process. Latex gloves work great for this.
  5. Stir product with a wooden toothpick before each use.
  6. Keep out of reach of children!
  7. Do not ingest!
  8. Wash your hands!
  9. Print these instructions!

Seller's Note/ Sorry, but no photo of the 1/4oz vial. Instead, just look at the before and after photo of a USA 1902 copper penny and you'll see how gently it works!


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