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Antoninus Pius, Fourrée Denarius, Italia Reverse

Silver plated Æ; 17mm/2.9gm

Con/ Very Fine; as noted above, the silver plating on this coin is thick, shiny and mint fresh with only a few tiny spots of copper alloy on each side

ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP; laureate head right / TR POT COS III; Italia, towered, seated left on globe, holding cornucopia and sceptre, ITALIA below. RIC Vol 3 98, RSC 467.

Seller's Note/ All of the above seems clear enough, but it's not, as this coin is an ancient forgery. Look close at the obverse legend; it's much to long, and after cleaning it will probably end with something like TRP COS III or similar. Whoever the forger's were, their celator had serious skills, as other than the obverse legend, it is spot on perfect...and actually much better than the few examples I could find on WildWinds. RIC notes this coin from the mint of Rome as 'common' but as a forger's hybrid it may be a one-off and quite rare.

If you're not a shoemaker and have the time and patience to further clean this coin, and it won't be easy, trust me, but here are a few suggestions to bring it to glory:

  1. Soak in distilled water for a day or two
  2. Remove and place in Mint State Restoration solution cut half and half with DW for an hour two. This is the tricky part and the coin needs to be monitored. Remove and very carefully begin to address the encrustations with either a dull-bladed scalpel or a diamond-dusted dental pick or similar.
  3. Do Not attempt to over-clean at this point. Be patient and only gently scrape the encrustations that have been loosened by the MSR and stay away from the copper showing through the silver plating. Return to MSR solution and repeat.
  4. As all of the above will take at least a week, if not longer, this coin should be returned DW between the MSR soaks and later addressed when you have the time.