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Probus, Æ antoninianus, Siscia mint, Rare Lion reverse.

Con/ Uncleaned

Obv/ IMP C PROBVS PF AVG; radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right.

Rev/ PM TRI P COS III PP; radiate lion walking right, thunderbolt in its jaws.

Siscia Mint, XXIQ in exergue

Ref/ Cohen 457 var (bust type); Alföldi 47-1, rated rare. (German auction. Sold for 140 Euros.)

Seller's Note/ We rarely, if ever, cherry pick our uncleaned coins, but the reverse caught my eye as we'd never seen such for a Probus issue. This issue IS NOT listed in RIC with the radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right, hence the Alföldi 47-1 attribution. It's rare, kids, trust me. For cleaning, DW water soaks and time consuming scraping with a dull-bladed scalpel or metal dental tool. Not for shoemakers, please. If you have the time and skill, this will be a gem in your Probus book.