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Jovian, Æ3, Votive Issue, Damnatio?

Æ3; 20mm/2.9gm

Con/ MS; superb glossy green patina..

Obv/ D N IOVIANVS P F AVG; laur., dr. and cuir. bust r.

Rev/ VOT V MVLT X in four lines within wreath.

Uncertain Mint/ exergue off flan; could be PCONST (Arles) or PLVG* (Lyon)

Ref/ RIC Vol VIII Jovian variety

Seller's Note/ Despite the missing exergue, this is a very curious and highly collectable coin. After the death of Julian II in the east, Jovian was elevated to emperor. One cold night as he and the army were slowly making their way west back to Constantinopolis, Jovian managed to succumb in his tent to the poisoness fumes of his brazier. Now consider the deep but patinated score seen on the reverse. That scratch was made when this coin was freshly struck. It's easy to imagine a Roman soldier or citizen, upon hearing of Jovian's sudden demise, thinking to him or herself, "What a dumb ass!", scoring the coin and tossing it away in distain.

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