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Constantius II, Follis, Hoc Signo Victor Eris reverse

Æ 23mm/5.7gm   Struck 350 AD; Third Series

Con/ Semi-cleaned, green patina; struck slightly off-flan. After final cleaning? Choice Very Fine.

Obv/ DN CONSTANTIVS PF AVG; pearl-diad., dr., and cuir. bust right; A behind

Rev/ HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS; Constantius, in military garb, standing left and holding standard inscribed with Chi Rho on the banner and spear; behind, Victory crowns him with a wreath; III in left field.

Siscia Mint/ ASIS crescent in exergue

Ref/ RIC Vol 8, 304 (Siscia)

Seller's Note/ A very scarce and historically desirable coin; the reverse refers to the dream of Constantine, Under this Sign You Shall Conquer.

For further cleaning; very soft dirt, dry or wet; use a dull scalpel or DDDP. If you are not a shoemaker and go slow, this will be a gem in LRBC me!