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Forgotten Trove of 650 Ancient Roman Uncleaned Coins

Not junk;

This lot of coins was recently discovered in a bag marked 650 while cleaning out an old box in our garage. We're not exactly sure where they came from (perhaps Bulgaria?), but they have been in the box for at least 15 years! Again, why we put them in the box and forgot about them is purely conjecture; most likely we were disappointed with their condition as not meeting the high standards found in our True Premium or Premuim Balkan issues.

Nearly all are LRBC Æ 3/4 and true tiny Æ4. Unlike our normal fresh-from-the-ground soft-dirt issues, the soil on these coins has been baking for fifteen years and is now rock solid but that can be remedied by the following.

For cleaning we highly suggest soaks in either distilled water, Gringgott's Conservator's Mix or Vulpex Soap. These are exactly what you want for practice cleaning with different tools, repatination, waxing, and certainly to hone your attribution skills.

Remember, the price is per coin, not for all seen in the photo. The more you purchase the lower the price! Happy Hunting!

Quantity1+26+ 51+ 101+ 
Price for each$1.20$1.15$1.00$0.95
Your savings- 4%17%21%

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