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Tiberius, Nero and Drusus, Carthago Nova, Spain

Æ 30mm/10.6gm

Con/ Fine; warm brown patina, better in hand ♦

Obv/ TI CAESAR DIVI AVGVSTI F AVGVSTVS P M; bare head of Tiberius left

Rev/ NERO ET DRVSVS CAESARES QVINQ C V I N C; confronting heads of Nero and Drusus.

Ref/ SGI 335, RPC 179, SNGCop 500.

Seller's Note/ ♦ Granted the condition is not all that great, but this is one of those coins that, no matter how I try, just refuses to photo well. It is better in hand, trust me. If this coin were in Very fine or better condition it would cost you around $200. Our price of $35 is a steal.

Poor Drusus, the son of Tiberius, may have been murdered/poisoned by Sejanus because he simply irritated his family due to his continued illness and constant coughing. Livia, the widow of Augustus, may have been the culprit, as well.