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JAX Green Patina Solution

Shake well before each use!

This is the very best way to re-patinate your over-cleaned/stripped ancient copper alloy coins and least if you want them to appear in their "original" state.

Just a 20-30 second wash in the liquid is all it takes. The solution can then be returned to the vial for further use. One 4 oz. flask will last you any number of uses.

This "Green Patina" product is rather tricky and every one gets mixed results... A short soak and then a quick brush off will make a nice brown presentation. A longer soak, and then let the coin air dry wet, will give you the "Green Patina" look. If you are not satisfied with the result, simply remove it with your soft-bristle Dremel brass brush under running water. Either way, this is a superior product for re-patinating your precious coins.

Here's a few things that I've noticed with JAX Green:

1) It never has quite the same reaction on any two coins. I believe that this is due to the mix of metals in the coins?

2) Sometimes a bare-metal coin will turn dark in just a few seconds, other times not at all. Neither seems to make much of a final difference. But if the coin does turn dark, take it out of the solution right away, then rinse under running water. I set the the coin on a fingernail brush to dry.

3) The green patina can take a day or more to appear, or sometimes within just a few minutes. Again, no explanation as to why.

4) If you don't like the result, a SB Dremel brass brush will take it off and you can start over.

5) Once you're happy with the result, let the patina set for a few more days, then rub with Ren Wax and buff.

6) The only adverse effect I have found with JAX Green is that it may leave a green stain under your fingernails for a few days. LOL!


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