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Camp Knife, Iron Blade, ca. 1st-2nd Cent AD has been added to your Cart


Sestertius, Hadrian, Faustina Sr. & Commodus, 3-Pack!

Æ; each at ca. 32mm/23gm

Con/ Good Fine for all...but they may need just a bit more cleaning...?

Hadrian - HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, laureate and draped bust right. PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing left by lighted altar, head facing, praying with both hands upraised; stork standing right in right field. S-C across fields. RIC 771; BMCRE 1535.

Faustina Sr. - DIVA FAVSTINA, draped bust right / AVGVSTA S-C, Pietas standing left, sacrificing from raised hand over flaming altar at feet left, & holding box of incense. RIC 1127 Yeah, I know Dear Faustina appears to have the measles, but in hand, she's rather beautiful, trust me.  

Commodus - M COMMODVS ANTONINVS AVG PIVS, laureate head right / TR P VIII IMP VI COS IIII PP, S-C across fields, Jupiter seated left, holding Victory and sceptre. RIC 367

Seller's Note/ Okay, I've done all the homework for you. At only $30 per coin, this is a killer deal, folks. In better Very Fine condition, each of these would cost you $500+ or more...but as none of us can afford such high prices, you have the opportunity to add them to your book and not be ashamed. 

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