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Helena, Mother of Constantine I, Thessalonika mint, RARE! has been added to your Cart


Severus Alexander, Sestertius, Mars the Avenger reverse!

Orichalcum; 31mm/18.1gm   Rome mint - ca. early 231 AD

Con/ Fine/Good Fine; brown patina with orichalcum high-lights

Obv/ IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG; laureate draped bust right

Rev/ MARS VLTOR S-C; Mars cloaked, in military garb, proceeding right, holding spear and shield

Ref/ RIC Vol IVb, 626

Seller's Note/ This particular sestertius, struck in early 231 AD, features Mars as VLTOR, the  Avenger. This same year, Severus Alexander sent his Legions to the East to continue the seemingly endless wars between the Sassanian empire under Ardashir I. This issue was an excellent source of propaganda to assure the Roman citizens that the emperor was going to teach those no good Sassanian's who was the boss, but unfortunately, his campaign resulted in a humiliating Roman defeat and withdrawal.

As a Roman coin collector, you should certainly understand that the condition of any certain issue may have nothing to do with it's historical importance. This is such a one.

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