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I usually get a mix of the 3 uncleaned coin types. These can be just about anything but, for me, are almost always AE3s to AE4s & late AE4s. I like the era, so they're perfect for me. Very rarely a blank or "crumbly patina" but worn or something is likely. Some have details showing, but most are covered in enough dirt to a be complete surprise, which I really like. Some will be "crusty" but not so much so I can't handle them with my amature skill set, though they may take months to years to clean properly. You can't beat the price. If you try, you'll get a BD infected slug. These are fun mysteries. If you like LRBCs, you won't be disappointed. GLORIA ROMs & FTRs will abound, but you can fill the gaps in your collection for under $2. What, you wanna pay around $20 for a Horseman FTR? Or clean one yourself for 1/10 the cost? I've seen some unnecessarily critical (all things considered) reviews of these elsewhere; I'd take them with a grain of salt. Hope that helps.

Rated by Luke Gobeli

Being new to coin cleaning I have been taking it slow og been careful. The result it several goodlooking coins of high quality and several that looks to be just as good with a bit more water and care. There is only two coins that i do not think I will be able to restore, But since I ordered 15 and got 17 i can't complain ;)

Rated by Bendik Kristoffersen

I'm very happy with with these coins, they are exactly as described, very reasonable price and even though its pretty early days they have heaps of good detail and the first few have been a pleasure to work on.Some nice colours too.

Rated by Michael William Puho

This new batch is much better than the last one, I got some beautiful coins.

Rated by Jeff Kroll

Excellent coins.A dream to clean.Thank you the best uncleanded coins i have received.


This is a good deal! The price is right and altough I've only attributed one coin, there seems to be a good variety. All the coins are still soaking in D.W. but many are starting to show some detail. The attributed coin is an AE 3 Constantine I minted in Siscia. Getting uncleaned coins is an adventure. You become the first person in about 1600 years to see the surface of a coin. Plus you never know what coins you may get. It's the next best compared to digging them out of the ground yourself.

Rated by John C. Jensen
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