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WOW. This is the quality I expect and receive from NRC. Most have only needed a quick rinse and they are ready to wax and flip.

Rated by Edward Kahler

I can't say enough about this latest batch of diggers choice coins. All cleaned up well with minimal work. Just need to finish identifying them and flip them. It's no wonder they sold out quickly.

Rated by Edward Kahler

This review is of a combined lot of Digger's Choice and True Premium coins. I received my order quickly (thanks Kevin!) and here's what I found: Silver denarius of Caracalla; at least 10 antoniniani ranging from Gallienus to Aurelian; 2 "SOLI INVICTO COMITI" of Constantine I (different mints); Constantius II "GLORIA EXERCITUS", reverse with soldiers looking inward towards standard (RIC# 224, Thessalonica) in MINT STATE! and finally Constantius II "HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS" reverse (RIC #286, Siscia) by Vetranio! Still working on the last few coins with a Greek imperial, bronze sestertius? and a Constantius II "CONCORDIA MILITUM" remaining.

Rated by Tom Schulte

I usually get a mix of some of the 3 grades of uncleaned coins. The "Digger's Choice" are definitely worth the extra couple bucks a pop. What I've gotten runs the gambit on type & era but are always a larger coin in pretty darn good condition for its type. If the coin was originally silvered, it probably will still have it. You won't get slugs or junk. There will be something special about the coin. Ex: I got a common type GLORIA ROMANORVM, Emp. W/Lab dragging Barb, Valens, but in MINT STATE, stunning, full border & a whooping 23mm (usually abt 18mm). Or a rarer Carinus as Aug in nice condition. Usually these are just dirty, not "crusty". Hope that helps.

Rated by Luke Gobeli

Do not buy! Let me get them all for myself!!! :) Pull the biggest lever out of all of the sets and you never know what the machine will give you. P will almost always be LRB with the occasional fun rarity, TP will get you a mix of larger coins such as antoniniani and larger LRB with more fun rarities, well DG is different. DG is always a surprise. Having bought from this a few times, I think I understand a typical return. In 10, you can expect over half to be brilliant pieces that require minimal work, a few more to be difficult pieces that have great potential, and the last couple to be big and heavy but also very worn pieces, fun but difficult. Don't expect to get near mint early imperials or gold pieces. Expect a wonderful surprise at what remains a steal at $12 a coin. In my last purchase, I received a denarius of Septimius Severus in fantastic shape needed no cleaning, a foree denarius, a rare VLPP Constantine, 3 large Follis in varying states of preservation one which retains a decent amount of silvering while another will need to sit in distilled water until the cows come home, a COL VIM, As of Hadrian with a stunning patina, a Carus antoninianus that I will need help to work on, and a large coin that seems pretty worn.

Rated by Nathaniel Neubert

Silvers a plenty! This latest lot had several good pieces. The first big silver was a Philip the Arab on a wide flan, although rough it still was very identifiable. Next came a denarius of Iulia Soaemias in very fine condition on the obverse, it cleaned up like a gem and looks great in hand. Next came an early Gallienus on a huge flan, more the size of a large Aurelian coin. It cleaned up well and is in fine condition. The highlight for me might seem a little odd to you, a Fallen Horseman C2 from Constantius II. Why was this the highlight? Because it has a huge amount of the original silver left and, other than a small scratch from antiquity, is in near mint state with fantastic details. Overall there were: 3 Early Roman Imperial Bronzes, one easily identifiable as Vespasian 2 more worn but one is a sestertius of Gordian or Alexander Severus. 5 Third century coins including the 3 silver, one of Salonina, and an Aurelian (I don't think it is possible to not find Aurelian in your uncleaned lot) 1 Full size Follis with Fides instead of Genio this time 6 LRB coins which may yet have some rarities to explore Of the 15, all but 2 of the Early Roman coins are easily identifiable and at least 5 should be real gems. April 2023 Lot

Rated by Nathaniel Neubert
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